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I'm Carolyn

Are you an adult with ADHD or like symptoms struggling to manage your time, mind, and life?

Outside the Box ADHD Coaching supports people like you. You want to achieve more but have challenges with getting things done, organising, focusing (too much or too little) and knowing what works best for you.

In addition to my qualification as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, I am also a Certified Organizer Coach who specialises in ADD/ADHD, Time Management and Productivity.

Together, we’ll build skills and strategies that work to your strengths using the awareness, action and learning process of coaching. This is how we create sustainable change that lasts. You’ll reduce stress and procrastination and demystify prioritisation.

Outside the Box ADHD Coaching. Who, what and how it works?

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Programs at a Glance

ADHD Coaching 1:1

ADHD coaching helps you manage your ADHD symptoms and develop the skills to manage life’s challenges by focusing on your strengths. Gain more trust in yourself, and control over time and tasks.

Group ADHD Coaching

ADHD Group Coaching

This unique group program consists of live group and individual support. Building your confidence and clarity, understanding how ADHD shows up for you, learning from your fellow group members while improving organisation, time management, prioritising and more.

Life Organising Coaching

Coaching for adults struggling to have time for what’s important, manage their time and emotions and develop the skills to create calm in their chaotic lives.

Business Mentoring

If you dream of owning your own business but don’t know where to start or want to harness your ADHD strengths as an entrepreneur, you don’t need to go it alone. I specialise in client-facing, service-based business mentoring.

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ADHD & Life Organising Resources

Creations to make life simpler and get things done! The To-Do List That Gets Done, e-books and more.

My top tips for organising your life to organising and decluttering your home.

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